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Upcoming ireca courses

Upcoming ireca courses

ireca course in Finland – Now available!

Please contact us – visitors from other countries wellcome to ireca course!




This ireca course will prepare you to use the  IRECA technique on yourself and others. Each level allows you to practice and benefit from the method in incremental stages. With this ireca course you will learn:
Level I:

– The localization of the energy centers (EC)
– The organs and systems associated with each energy center
– The basic energy transmission technique
– An energy contact exercise used to maintain the EC attuned
Level II:

– How to maintain your energy balance
– Energy applications for wellness maintenance and for various disorders
– How to treat others, in addition to yourself
You will also have your energy centers activated to this particular type of Cosmic Energy.
To learn more about the IRECA technique you can watch the video: IRECA Method Presentation